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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Web API Installation and Configuration Guide

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Smart Interop Publisher Web API supports the Intergraph Smart API Manager and third-party authorization servers following the Auth 2.0 protocol.

Intergraph Smart API Manager

  1. Navigate to the Intergraph Smart API Manager Dashboard Manager website.

  2. Sign in using an administrator account.

  3. Add a new Smart Clients entry for each client that accesses the Smart Interop Publisher Web API. Make a note of the secret and Client ID because they are required later for fetching a token.

  4. Add one or more groups. For Smart Interop Publisher Web API, groups grant access to users. A group definition consists of External Identities and SAM Users that are part of the group. When a group is authorized in the Smart Interop Publisher Web API, it grants access to the members for that web server. To add a group:

    1. Create and name the group.

    2. Define the External Identities and Users that are part of the group.

  5. In the Smart APIs section, locate the entry that was created when you configured the Smart Interop Publisher Web API web server in the Smart Interop Publisher Configuration utility. This entry has a product value of ISIP and its URL value matches the value you entered in the configuration utility. Select the entry.

    1. Make a note on the Resource Identifier for future use when fetching a token.

    2. In Manage Authorized Groups, perform the following steps for each existing group that accesses Smart Interop Publisher data:

      • Click Add Group, and then select the group.

      • Click Next.

      • Under Value, enter an asterisk "*" character, and then click Save.

      • Click Next and Finish.

Third-Party Authentication Application

SHARED Tip For a full example of configuring Okta as your authentication application, please see Example Okta Authorization Server Configuration.

  1. Add authorized groups.

  2. Add a scope with the Smart Interop Publisher Web API Service ID that is used while creating the website. Include the scope in your access tokens.

  3. Include the email scope for all your access tokens. Smart Interop Publisher Web API relies on the email scope for processing requests.

  4. Add the Audience attribute in Smart Interop Publisher Web API web.config. This attribute must match the audience in the API Manager settings.

    Example: <service prefix="isip/v1" id="1591be37-f39f-4117-bd22-e65216d3e7c5" audience="1591be37-f39f-4117-bd22-e65216d3e7c5" secret="******************" instance="" />