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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
Release Bulletin

Version 15.2

  • The Smart Interop Publisher schema has been enhanced to include AEC classes in the provided default mapping files. This enhancement provides support for the HxGN™ Smart Build application. See IFC options and Translate IFC source files.

  • The Keep units from the source file translation setting has been added to IFC for Smart Interop Publisher to use the unit system information available in the IFC source files. This translation setting saves time so that you do not have to define the unit system for every IFC source file translation. See IFC options.

  • Reports .xls and .xml files from Smart 3D are supported as Smart Documents in Smart Interop Publisher so that you can publish reports to either a local or remote SmartPlant Foundation server. With this feature, you are no longer required to backup and restore Smart 3D model databases at remote location to enable publishing reports to SmartPlant Foundation. See Supported Smart Document Formats and Publish Smart Documents to SmartPlant Foundation Workflow.

  • In a continuing effort to improve support for IFC source files, extensive data mining to include IFC Derived Profile Definitions has been added.

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