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Release Notes/Bulletin
Smart Instrumentation Web Version

Installation and Configuration

  • It is no longer necessary to remove the Smart Instrumentation Web API software when installing or upgrading from version 2.3.4 or higher to a new version version.

    If you are installing the new software over versions lower than version 2.3.4 then you must first remove that version of the software and then install the new version.

  • Windows Authentication is now supported by Smart Instrumentation Web API.

    In order to work with Windows Authentication User you must add the following to the body of the GET Token request.

    • Key: acr_values

    • Value, idp:F47252FD-C937-48B8-AAE5-95739879E14C

  • The installation package includes the HxGN Visualization Data Service (VDS) setup. To install it, click the Additional Software link and in the screen that opens, click the link to the VDS setup.