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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Web API Installation and Configuration Guide

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If you have not already installed and configured Intergraph licensing software on your workstation, we recommend doing so before installing Smart Instrumentation Web API.

  • Smart Instrumentation Web API requires the Smart Licensing Client software for concurrent licensing.  This licensing software is delivered on its own media.  For more information about using and configuring concurrent licensing, refer to the appropriate licensing software documentation.

  • This procedure is applicable to both Smart Instrumentation Web API and Smart Instrumentation Web API Administration Module. Depending on the serial number used, the software installs the applicable components. SAM recognizes if you have permission to access the Administration module, and issues when requested, a token that allows access to the Administration module APIs.

This installation procedure is applicable for installing from a DVD or a file downloaded from the internet.

  1. Locate and double-click SIWebServices_Setup.exe.

  2. On the Welcome page, click Start Setup.

    If you are working with LiveView, the installation package includes the HxGN Visualization Data Service (VDS) setup. To install it, click the Additional Software link and in the screen that opens, click the link to the VDS setup. For more information, see Install and Configure VDS.

  3. On the Details and Features page, enter the following:

    • User name

    • Company details

    • Serial number

  4. Select the features you want to install.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the License Agreement page, select your country or region from the list to view the license agreement in your language and then select the I agree to the license agreement and conditions check box.

  7. Click Install. On the Installing page, a progress bar displays the installation process and a list of installed software components is shown.

  8. On the Product Installation Completed page, click Finish.

  • Select the View Readme check box if you want the Readme .pdf file to open on clicking Finish.

  • On completion of the installation, if prompted, you should reboot your machine.