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The standard APIs that most objects use to print depend on registry entries located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. ASP pages run under IIS, which is running as the SYSTEM account, by default COM objects in your ASP code also run as the SYSTEM account. The SYSTEM account does not have any printers set up in the registry.

To use a printer you must set it up to work from the SYSTEM account. This requires you to modify the registry using the Registry Editor.

For more information and how to add printers to the SYSTEM account see the Microsoft Support article COM objects fail to print when called from ASP.

Test the printer configuration.

  1. Log into the Smart Instrumentation Web API machine using the Service account.

  2. Check that the default printer registry info (‘SmartPlant PDF Converter 551’) is consistent with the snapshot in the Microsoft troubleshooting document referenced above.

  3. In the Control Panel set the default printer to ‘SmartPlant PDF Converter 551’.

  4. Open Smart Instrumentation desktop and verify that the default printer appears.