Intrinsic Safety Calculation by Circuit Type - Intergraph Smart Instrumentation - 13.1 - Reference - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Safety Equations

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

To initiate an intrinsic safety calculation by circuit type, in the Wiring Module window, on the Associations menu, click Intrinsic Safety. For details, see Calculate Intrinsic Safety.


The intrinsic safety calculation considers the following values, all of which you enter in the Intrinsically Safe Data Input dialog box:

  • The parameters of the hazardous area field device: Rhaz tag, Lhaz tag, and Chaz tag.

  • The parameters of the safety device in the non-hazardous area: Rsafety, Lsafety, and Csafety.

  • Parameters associated with cables:

    • R_factCable A, L_factCable A, and C_factCable A

    • R_factCable B, L_factCable B, and C_factCable B

    • LengthCable B