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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Instrumentation Version
  1. Insert the product media into the CD-ROM or DVD drive. If the installation does not start automatically, double-click the setup.exe file in the main folder.

  2. Click Additional Software, and then click IDEAL Installation.

  3. Click Start Setup.

  4. On the Details and Features page, do the following:

    1. Type a user name in the User Name field.

    2. Type your companies name in the Company field.

    3. Type the IDEAL serial number in the Serial Field.

    4. Check the Install Path is correct.

    • Click to browse to a different location.

    • The amount of disk space required and available for the installation is displayed below the installation path.

    1. Click Next.

  5. On the License Agreement page, do the following:

    1. Select your country or region from the Country or Region select list.

    2. Read the software license agreement.

    3. Select the I agree check box

    4. Click Install.

  6. Click Finish.

    Select the Readme check box, to view the readme file. The file opens after clicking Finish.