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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation External Editor Installation Guide

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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2018 (12.0)

External Editor enables a third party (contractor, engineering company, and so forth) to modify your process data sheets and the unprotected fields of your specification sheets without the need to use the Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation software program or a special report generator.

Using External Editor, you can open a process data or specification sheet and modify it. After modification, you save to the same file or to a new file.  You can then reopen the file in Smart Instrumentation for further processing. You can also print process data and specification sheets from External Editor.

External Editor is a stand-alone program that you need to install in order to use it.  This document describes the hardware requirements for installing External Editor.  In addition, this document provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and uninstall External Editor.

To successfully run External Editor, you must have read/write access rights to the folder where External Editor is installed.

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