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2018 (12.0)

When you start the Dimensional Data for Piping (DDP) Export Utility, the Dimensional Data for Piping Export Utility dialog opens. After you set the source domain and target folder, and set the conversion preferences, you then run an automated export process from this dialog.

Smart Instrumentation domain

Select the Smart Instrumentation domain from which you want to export dimensional data for piping.

Target folder

The target folder is the folder to which you export dimensional data for piping from Smart Instrumentation for PDS. Accept the displayed folder, or select Browse to navigate to a different folder.

Overwrite export files

Select this check box to overwrite previous export files, or clear this check box to create new export files without overwriting previous files.


After typing the appropriate settings above and in the Preferences dialog, select to export the dimensional data for piping to the target folder that you set.


Closes this dialog and the DDP Export Utility.


Opens the Preferences dialog, where you configure your preferences for export of dimensional data for piping to PDS.

Make sure the path to the location of the Target folder in the Dimensional Data for Piping Export Utility's main window is the same as in the Preferences dialog > Conversion table file path field.