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2018 (12.0)

You need to prepare a PDS project before you import dimensional data for piping that you export from Smart Instrumentation, using the following procedures:

Define Settings for Long Filenames

Some of the delivered Eden modules have long filenames, such as IVALVE_2_AMS.pd. Use this procedure to load these files without errors into the PDS (Plant Design System) application.

Load Smart Instrumentation Library Files into a PDS Project

The files that you load into the PDS project are the isometric drawing symbol map (<Smart Instrumentation home folder>\DDP\isomap.tbl) and the Eden routines files in the <Smart Instrumentation home folder>\DDP\Eden folder.

  • These procedures assume that you installed Dimensional Data for Piping (DDP) Export Utility, in your Smart Instrumentation home folder.

  • For more information about instrument specifications, material descriptions, Eden modules, and physical dimension tables in PDS, see Reference Data Manager (PD_Data) Reference Guide. This document is available on the PDS Online Reference Library.

  • You cannot use the DDP Utility to export dimensional data from a Smart Instrumentation domain that uses the KKS naming convention.