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2018 (12.0)
  1. Start the DDP Export Utility.

  2. On the Dimensional Data for Piping Export Utility dialog, select Preferences.

  3. Set your preferences for export of dimensional data for piping.

  4. On the Dimensional Data for Piping Export Utility dialog, under Smart Instrumentation domain, select the domain from which you want to export dimensional data for piping.

    You cannot use the DDP Utility to export dimensional data from a Smart Instrumentation domain that uses the KKS naming convention.

  5. Under Target folder, accept the displayed path or select Browse to specify a different folder.

    SHARED Tip You must specify a path that does not include spaces. If the path that you specified has spaces, the software cannot perform data export. There is a limitation in PDS where spaces are not permitted in file paths used by PDS.

  6. To overwrite previous export files, select Overwrite export files.

  7. Select Export.

  8. On the Exporting Data dialog that opens, select Start.

In the folder <Smart Instrumentation home folder>\DDP\Output\, DDP Export Utility creates the following export files:


Instrument neutral file for the PDS Piping Job Spec Database (pdtable_204)


Instrument material description neutral file for the PDS Specialty Material Description Library


List of files containing dimension tables for the PDS Physical Data Library


Dimension tables for the PDS Physical Data Library
For each load file number, the utility exports four load files that store the dimensional data. For example, if the load file number is 1234, the files are named DD1234A.dat, DD1234B.dat, DD1234C.dat, and DD1234D.dat.