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2018 (12.0)

  • When you define dimensional data for instrument tags and you want to export them using the DDP Export utility, you must specify a manufacturer and a model for those tags, the line schedule for the line that you assign to the instrument tag and also the following properties defined in the DDP module: process connection class, process connection end preparation, inlet size, and outlet size.

  • The DDP Export Utility does not export Smart Instrumentation DDP data where the value of the Suspected Data field in the Smart Instrumentation database is Y (Yes), or where the field is empty.

  • Due to size limitations of the PDS field, the maximum length for a tag number (CMPNT_ID), associated with an exported item, is limited to eight characters.

  • You cannot use the DDP Utility to export dimensional data from a Smart Instrumentation domain that uses the KKS naming convention.

  1. On the Windows Start menu, point to the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation program group, and select DDP Export Utility.

  2. In the Logon Information dialog, type your Smart Instrumentation user name and password.

  3. Select OK to open the Dimensional Data for Piping Export Utility dialog.