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Intergraph Smart Form Generator Web API Reference

Intergraph Smart Form Generator
Customization & Programming

This section contains information about Smart Form Generator Smart APIs and the methods that use them.

Before you can view Smart Form Generator Smart APIs, your application will need to obtain a few resources: an API key and to generate a token, and then you can call Smart APIs. You can use Postman (a Chrome extension) to request an access token, and then use it to call Smart Form Generator secured resource. For an overview of Smart APIs, go to Overview of Smart APIs.

To call the listed resources requires an access token. See, Authorization - use Postman to get an access token- for Authorization. Then see Authorization - use Postman to call a Smart API for more information.

Format of a URL

The format of a URL request to the Smart Form Generator's Web API is:


  • Host is the name of the Smart Form Generator's web server.

  • VersionNumber is SFG's current version number.

For example, for the task of requesting the available form templates from Smart Form Generator's server, the following URL can be used:.