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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Release Bulletin (2.0)

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
Release Bulletin


  • Smart Engineering Manager Version 2.0.1 is a web-based administration tool that supports Smart P&ID, Smart Electrical, and Smart Instrumentation.

  • For end users: The new Web client interface exposes sites and their related plants and enables users to manipulate application data associated to the plants.

  • For developers: Smart Engineering Manager Version 2.0.1 enables the following functionality on sites, plants and applications: viewing, retrieving, creating, and deleting data elements, using OData restful APIs. This version supports the following:

    POST method requests:

    • Create Site

    • Import Site

    • Exclude Site

    • Create Plant

    • Associate Application

    • Copy Plant

    • Load Plant

    • Register Plant

    • Create Role

    • Refresh Users

    • Create RDSM Package

    • Create Project

      PATCH method request

    • Update Site

      GET method requests:

    • View Site

    • View Plant

    • View Application

    • View Role

    • View Project

      DELETE method requests:

    • Dissociate Application

    • Delete Plant

    • Delete Site

    • Delete Roles

    • Delete Project

All other functionality and utilities for managing your plant data are available in Smart Engineering Manager 2019.

Reference Data Synchronization Manager

  • Reference Data Sync is a Web interface, which is integrated and accessed within Smart Engineering Manager's web client. The web client version enables execution of compare and sync tasks on applications' reference data between two plants that can either reside in the same site or in different sites. In addition, reports can be generated and viewed right from your browser.