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SHARED Tip These install tasks are not required if the SSL certificate was previously installed on the domain server before you began this process.

You can import an SSL certificate into Windows Server for IIS using the Microsoft Management Console. You must first add the Certificates snap-in to the console and then import the SSL certificate.

Add the Certificates snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console

  1. Open Microsoft Management Console by typing MMC in the Search Windows box and clicking the MMC icon.

  2. Click File > Add/Remove Snap-In.

  3. On the Add or Remove Snap-Ins dialog box, select Certificates from the list of available snap-ins and click Add.

  4. Select Computer account as the account level at which certificates will be managed by this snap-in.

  5. On the Select Computer dialog box, select Local computer.

  6. Click Finish and then click OK.

Import the SSL certificate on the application server

  1. Open Microsoft Management Console, and in the tree, click Certificates.

  2. Right-click Personal as the store in which you want to import the certificate, and on the shortcut menu, click All Tasks > Import.

  3. On the Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard page, click Next.

  4. Browse to the certificate folder and select the certificate.

    SHARED Tip In the file extension box, select Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx;*.p12).

    The certificate file name and path are shown as in the following example:

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter the certificate password if prompted and click Next.

  7. Accept the default option to place the certificate in the Personal store and click Next.

  8. Click Finish.

    A message displays that the certificate is successfully installed.

View the installed SSL certificate

  1. Open Microsoft Management Console, and in the tree, click Certificates.

  2. Expand the Personal store to show the Certificates folder.

  3. Click the Certificates folder to view the installed certificates.

    The SSL certificates shown above are examples only. You should import certificates that are appropriate for your environment.

Now with the .pfx copy of the SSL Certificate installed (MyDomainWC_01.pfx issued to * in the above example), the IIS Web site can be pointed to the certificate.

You will also need to use this certificate to enable the https prefix for the Smart Electrical Web Application URLs. For details, see Enable https binding.