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Intergraph Smart Electrical Web API Installation and Configuration

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In the screen captures and some of the examples used in this document a particular version number such as v2 is referenced. This is just used as an example, because of the constant improvements being made to the API your version number may be different. Use your version number when creating a request.

The following prerequisites must be carried out before installing your software:

  • You must uninstall any previous build of Smart Electrical Web API before installing a new build.

  • When running the Smart Electrical Web API installation, ensure that you have Administrator user rights.

  • Intergraph Smart Licensing is required for the correct operation of Smart Electrical Web API.

  • Before you install Smart Electrical Web API, you must configure IIS on your server. For details, see Install Internet Information Server on Windows Server.

  • You must have a properly-configured SSL certificate installed for the correct operation of Smart Electrical Web API. For details, see Install an SSL certificate.