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The diagram below shows a few of the properties of an item and how they are distributed between the common and plant metadata in the conventional configuration used in earlier versions of Smart Electrical Web API.

In this configuration, the item's SP_ID property appears under the common metadata, while all of its other properties appear under the plant metadata. To specify this configuration, the value of the 'GenerateCommonMetadata' setting must be set to 'false'.

The diagram below indicates properties that are shared by all the plants in all sites by yellow highlighting and uses other colors to indicate properties that appear only in certain plants.

The diagram below shows how the properties are distributed between common and plant metadata when the value of the 'GenerateCommonMetadata' setting is set to 'true'.

  • A property is considered as common if the property's 'Name' attribute is identical in all the plants in all sites.

  • Metadata is stored in the application cache. If you perform an action that changes the distribution of the item properties between common and plant metadata, to view the change, you must refresh the cache. An example of such a change would be adding a new plant where a property that appears in all the other plants is not included in the newly-created plant.

  • The cache is refreshed when you perform any of the following actions:

    • Reset the IIS (requires permissions on the Smart Electrical Web API server).

    • Run the RefreshSite request.

    • Run the RefreshPlant request.

    • Run the AddPlant request.

    • Run the RemovePlant request.

    • Run the RefreshProject request.