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In this Tutorial, requests are shown with complete paths and parameters, for example, the following GET request that is used to display the data of all the motors in the plant:'WEBAPISITE001')/Plants('PLANT001')/Motors

In this request, strings that you will substitute with your own values are indicated by italic font. Other parts of the request, indicated by normal font, are to be typed as shown.

Names of sites, plants, and projects, entity type names, and properties are case-sensitive; therefore, it is important to type them exactly as they appear in the metadata.

For your convenience, when sending requests using Postman, the requests include the following environment variables for the Server base URI, the site ID, and the plant ID, to make it easy for you to substitute your own values:

  • Server base URI: {{baseUri}}

  • Site ID: {{SiteID}}

  • Plant ID: {{PlantID}}