New Features in Intergraph Smart® Electrical Smart API - Intergraph Smart Electrical - Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Electrical Smart API Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Electrical
Release Bulletin

The Intergraph Smart® Electrical Smart API application has been developed to allow Smart Electrical users to connect to their site and plant data from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Users with the correct permissions can send requests to their Smart Electrical database, using a simple application such as Postman, to request read-only data about their database items, relationships between items, and so forth.

Make sure you read the Smart Electrical Smart API Installation and Configuration Guide before installing Smart Electrical. The information contained in this guide will help you install Smart Electrical and make the required connections to your SAM (Smart API Manager) server.

A full range of documentation can be found at the Hexagon PPM Documentation site.

Also, you will find details about using the Smart Configuration Manager, a utility designed to help you get up and running smoothly and quickly.

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