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This request provides an example for updating a property of a motor. You can follow this procedure and modify the request to update any suitable property of any item type.

  1. Select the request 03.01 Motors.'WEBAPISITE001')/Plants('PLANT001')/Motors('0584D3F3D20F4EF0BDCC11C943999F7C')

    The Header field of the update script must contain the key 'If-Match' with value * or some other suitable value.

  2. Ensure that the Body field of the update script contains the following parameters (the example shown is for updating a motor's Tag Prefix property):


    "@odata.type": "#Com.Ingr.SEL.V2.WEBAPISITE002.AWSSELPlant.Motor",

    "TagPrefix": "CCC"


  3. Modify the value of the item's property as required.

  4. Click Send.