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You can generate a SAP data file using an existing configuration, or you can specify a new configuration. The software can only access data from plants that belong to the currently selected site. The site is specified when you open Smart Electrical.


Select a plant within the current site from which the data is to be extracted.

Create a new configuration

Allows you to define a completely new configuration. When you select this option, no parameters are defined, and you must type a value in the Configuration box. You can create a new configuration based on an existing configuration by clicking Modify an existing configuration, selecting an existing configuration, and saving that configuration under a new name.

Modify an existing configuration

Allows you to modify the parameters on each page of the wizard for an existing configuration. You can select this option and type a new configuration name to create a new configuration based on existing parameters.

Use an existing configuration

Uses the configuration you select to generate data. When you select this option and click Next, you are taken directly to the Save Configuration and Generate Data File page.


Select a configuration from the list, or type a new value to define a new configuration.