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Intergraph Smart Electrical Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Electrical
Release Bulletin
2018 (8.0)

Engineering Data Editor (EDE)

It is now possible to copy and paste a complete row within an EDE. See the Smart Electrical Online help topic Working with EDE Views.

Import Manager - Data Deletion Link Wizard

Until now it has only been possible to delete items from the current selected plant hierarchy. Now a new value has been added to the Data Deletion Link Wizard > Map the Fields of the Source Table and Target Item Type Properties window > Target pane. The new value, ItemHierarchy, is a User Defined Field (UDF) where you tell the Data Deletion Link Wizard to search and delete an item from a different Unit or Plant and not the current Unit or Plant selected in Import Manager. This is done by adding to the Source Field column the required hierarchy name, for example U2.

By default if ItemHierarchy is left blank, then the current selected hierarchy is used.


Publishing a wiring diagram and its related data to SmartPlant Foundation now includes the relationship between the Conductor and Terminal.