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Using Sync Manager you can:

  • Sync the Smart Completions database (users Project) to the device upon initial application configuration.

  • Sync data to the mobile device allowing for reference and execution when Offline (No WiFi connection).

  • The changes made at interface level in SaaS application are also available in the mobile version when synced.

    Sync manager allows you to access the latest changes made to assets, tasks, documents, punchlists, preservations, and non-compliances visible in Android application during no network zone. You can use the browse and search, and view and edit modes available in all managers.

    To use Sync you should:

    1. Checkout the required asset, task, document, punchlist, preservation, or non-compliance from the mobile application.

    2. Perform the required action in offline mode. You can view, edit, browse, and search assets, documents, tasks, punchlists, preservations, and non-compliances.

    3. When online, select Sync to check in all changes made in offline.

    All the changes made on offline mode are visible after the application is synced in online mode.