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The Tasks Module allows the user to:

  • View all Tasks with Status (e.g. Started) associated with a project.

  • View Task Datasheet (if performed digitally).

  • View and/or print Task Form (if performed by paper).

  • View Task Details (including Datasheet/Form, existing Punchlist items, and Task Steps if performed digitally).

  • Execute Digital Tasks using SmartForm technology (Task Summary, Steps Completion and Task Completion).

  • Create Punchlist items for task steps.

Tasks - iOS

The Tasks section has a column System which can be sorted in ascending or descending order. You can search for a specific planned task with the help of the search option provided under the heading.

Only if you have manage rights, you can undo submission, completion or closing of your own tasks,else you would have to reject or revoke tasks.

When a Task is synced to download, the Asset and Documents related to it also get downloaded to the application. The documents only appear when their Document Type has been configured for Offline Use. If some documents do not appear offline, ask your Administrator to check the size of the file and the configuration of the Document Type.

Additionally, it is possible to download all child assets and documents for Pack and Loop tasks. This allows you to view and edit OEM data for all child assets. It also allows you to view child Asset Documents. This is configured within each Pack and Loop record, by choosing yes next to: Pull/Download Child Tags to Mobile?

You can not edit the Comments and Observations section with in the smart form if the status of the planned task is Closed. Also when a task is rejected yet accepted at all the sign off levels, the Comments and Observations section is non-editable.