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The Smart Completions Mobile Application is designed to simplify daily tasks and planning for field personnel.

When used in conjunction with Smart Completions's Completions & Commissioning System (CCMS), the Smart Completions Mobile Application can be used to simplify creation of punch list, collection of equipment information, and execution of paperless tasks from the field - with or without Wi-Fi connections readily available on your mobile device.

The mobile application provides field personnel; access to content available in a database located on your company intranet or through a Hosted internet solution.

The mobile application is used to:

  1. Retrieve and Edit (e.g. Primary & OEM Data) detailed equipment (asset) information.

  2. Retrieve detailed document information and view the documents (e.g. P&IDs, Datasheets).

  3. View and Execute tasks (e.g. FICs - Field Installation Checks) electronically.

  4. Enter and complete Punchlist items in the field (with as-found & as-left images).

  5. View and Execute Preservation tasks electronically.

  6. Enter and complete Non-Compliance items in the field (w/ as-found / as-left images).

  7. View and Execute Routine Inspection tasks electronically.

Common Navigation Features (Navigation Ribbon):

  • Search

  • Browse By Location

  • Browse By Systemization

  • Browse By WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

  • Sync

  • Include/Exclude Completed Items

  • Reset

  • Keep Selected

  • Home

  • Seeking (Quick Search) Feature:

  • Allows User to Filter data based on data inputted in the 'Search Box'.