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Intergraph Smart Completions Smart API Programmer's Reference Guide (5.3.24)

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This topic provides guidance for common scenarios you might encounter when using the Documents API.

How to assign systemization tiers to documents

This API uses different endpoints to assign different systemization tiers to documents.

  • For both the LBS and PBS systemization methods - Use Documentss to assign Plant (tier 1) and Process Area (tier 2).

  • For the LBS systemization method - Use DocumentLocations to assign the physical location (tier 3) and DocumentAreas to assign the area (tier 4).

  • For the PBS systemization method - Use DocumentSystems to assign the system (tier 3) and DocumentSubsystems to assign subsystems (tier 4).

How to assign projects to documents

Use DocumentProjects to assign the project (tier 1 of the WBS).