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Intergraph Smart Completions Smart API Programmer's Getting Started Guide (5.3.19)

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You can use Power BI to explore the Smart API.


To use Power BI, you must:

  • Be able to access Smart Completions Smart APIs.

  • Authenticating using either the Smart Completions authentication server or Smart Cloud (which uses Okta as the IdP).

How to authorize

To be authorized to interact with the API, use the Get Data feature in Power BI.

  1. Open Power BI and select Get Data.


  2. Select Hexagon PPM SmartĀ® API and click Connect.

    SHARED Tip If you have a lot of data sources, you can search for Hexagon PPM Smart API.

  3. In the Hexagon PPM Smart API dialog box, enter the base URL for the API.


  4. When prompted, enter your Smart Completions credentials.

    You can now explore the Smart API endpoints that you have access to, based on your role.


  5. Select an endpoint (for example, Instances) to preview the number of records or transform data to populate data records in a grid view.