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Intergraph Smart Completions Smart API Programmer's Getting Started Guide (5.3.18)

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The Smart Completions web APIs are Smart APIs. So, what are Smart APIs?

Smart APIs are Hexagon APIs that follow certain guidelines and standards. Smart APIs are:

  • RESTful - By conforming to the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style. Key elements of a RESTful API include:

    • Based on web standards, such as HTTP and JSON.

    • Simple, intuitive, and well-documented, making them discoverable and explorable.

    • Support for a wide range of clients, such as desktop, web, and mobile applications.

  • Based on OData v4 - As defined by OData.org, OData is "an open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way".

  • Secure - By using OAuth 2.0 to control access to resources. For a detailed discussion on OAuth 2.0 concepts and client software development, see Authorizing requests to Smart APIs.

  • Standardized via OData+ - By implementing resources based on protocols (called OData+) specific to Hexagon Smart APIs. For example, properties representing units of measure (UoM) are implemented the same way across all Smart APIs.

    • Commonly used resources, like files and reports, are based on OData+ protocols.

    • OData+ lets you write code once and leverage your effort to work with any Smart API.

For more information, see Smart API features/OData+ resources.