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TR-AM-174649 Preservation Task Creation Using Import Creating Duplicate Pres ID's

TR-AM-175713 Billing Reports run off local time, and discrepancies of totals

TR-AM-175935 Use Responsible Company in TOC's Ignoring System Filter in TOP

TR-AM-175947 Updating Task Models Taking Over 8 Minutes

TR-AM-176325 Check In/Out Right in vTasks_TestsCompletion Enforced in IOS Not In SaaS

TR-AM-151667 Logos - Smart form ignoring DB Config logos for first project logos

TR-AM-164494 Users cannot view MOC with Access to Stages/Systems once created

TR-AM-165833 Form Controls with N/A option - not working

TR-AM-167817 PDF Smartform not Rendering with Inspection Grade Step Hiding Last Step

TR-AM-169497 Resources - User 30 Day Inactivity Flag Triggering Accounts to Terminate

TR-AM-170667 Task Models - Update Tasks Button in Edit Window Does not update Predecessors

TR-AM-170995 Unable to Import vTOPDocuments - Key field Mismatch

TR-AM-171718 No Recurrence When Task Type and Discipline are Blank

TR-AM-173969 SaaS - Location Type filter not working in Task Models Manager

TR-AM-157908 vAssets_Cable View - Subsystem is Blank and Will not Populate

TR-AM-158791 RFI Log PDF report issues

TR-AM-162165 Non Compliance filter not working in Preservation tasks

TR-AM-164947 Work Package Steps - Report and Exports

TR-AM-166890 Copying Task Models - not all steps are saving if some have been edited

TR-AM-171786 On-Demand Tasks - Change Rights to Create/Edit only OD tasks (not all tasks)

TR-AM-172887 Planned task marked as exception is not marked exception in NOE secondary panel

TR-AM-173097 Email Notifications "Show Address Book" to Show Only Project Related Users

TR-AM-173606 Step Type (Reporting) not propagating from Task Model to Task

TR-AM-177212 U10 Beta TR - Custom Fields Missing from Several Database Views/Reports

TR-AM-177213 Rights Boundaries for Inspection Steps

TR-AM-175072 NOE mail merge shows incorrect time stamp