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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.10)

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Changed the column heading name In Progress in the Punchlist Index (By category, priority and discipline) report

The name of the column that states whether the Punchlist is started and not completed, rejected, closed, or on hold was changed from "Accepted" to "In Progress" for more clarity in the Punchlist Index (By category, priority and discipline) report. See Generating Punchlist or COW Reports.

Company related column were added to the list of columns that can be exported from RFI Manager and Export wizard

You can now add Contacted company and Requestor company columns to the list of columns that are exported from RFI Manager and Export wizard. See What is RFI and Creating a new export.

Added the ability to customize the logo in Management of Change record

You can add the correct project logo while creating a MOC record and on generation of Smart Form the updated project logo would appear. See How to create MOC.

Sorting and naming of completed tasks/inspections using new taxonomy, specifically Task description first, then Task ID, followed by the tag name in Handover packages

You can now configure the sorting of data by task description first and then tag name by selecting the Task Description-Tag option in the Sorting Rules section of the Table of Content Definition manager. See Sorting a TOC.

Enhancements in Rights Boundaries now allows to limit the content that a user can see by the users assigned "responsible company" and "responsible workgroup". This restriction is applied by assigning these parameters per user and configuring the desired modules in User Applications module is required to follow the restriction.

You can now restrict a user to view the content belonging to the workgroup he belongs to and the responsible company he belongs to. This can be done by selecting YES to Use Workgroup or Use Responsible Company in the user edit form and the application modules. See What is Workflow Settings Tab and Using Right Boundaries in Planned Tasks.

Token manager was added for Aconex Data Exchange

A token manager was added so that single credentials can be assigned to multiple data exchange records.

Custom fields that can be tagged are added in RFIs

20 custom fields are added in RFIs that can be tagged, which can be searched across reports, secondary panel exports and datasheets. See What is RFI .

Print only selected tasks for Planned preservation tasks and Preservation tasks

While printing Planned preservation tasks and Preservation tasks you can select to print all the tasks that are in Started state or can select tasks to start and print. See Preservations, by Tasks.

125 custom fields can be added while creating an asset

While creating as asset, you can add up to 125 fields under the Custom tab. See How to create a new Asset.

Work package Smart Form allows to sequence work steps by Step IDs

Importing work steps with order sequence is honored by Smart Form and exporting also allows exporting of steps in sequence. See Create Work Packages.

Location based task completion and task progress reports are added

You can now generate four location-based task completion and task progress reports. They are Task Completion Summary By Location, Task Completion Summary By Location (Discipline & Task Type), Task Progress Status by Location (Assets and Tasks), and Task Progress Status by Location (Discipline and Asset Type).

Configure new red line TOC to a turnover package and download selected red line documents

You can download the red line documents associated with handover packages and turnover packages by selecting Yes for Include document files option. See Creating a TOP and Assign TOP Content Requirements.

Responsible workgroup and Responsible company are added to the primary list view of the Task Model manager

The columns Responsible Work group and Responsible Company can be added from Set Columns option. Available columns will be populated to the primary list view so that you can further refine query for Task Models. See Task Models.

Work package steps are added to the Work package Export and Work package Report

You can now select the Work Package Steps as the Export Type to export the primary work package fields, and work step information. It also includes a new Work Pack and Work Step Completions Report by Systemization report that will display Work Pack completion details at the step and work pack level. See Creating a new export and Generate Work Pack Report.

Configure redline documents to a Turnover package and download these redlined documents

You can configure the redlined documents for Turnover and Handover packages. These redlined documents can be downloaded with revision numbers by selecting the newly added Redlines option in the Download Document files dialog. See Creating a TOP and Assign TOP Content Requirements and How to create new Documents.