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Install SMTP and .NET 4 framework

  1. Go to control panel, Programs, Turn Windows features on or off

  2. Add features, SMTP server, Add Required Role Services

  3. Set SMTP service to start Automatically and verify the service is started

  4. There could be the need that the Application Pool in IIS to set the Identity to "LocalSystem" depending on the way SMTP service was installed in the web server.

  5. Configure web server. Update Web.config in root folder

    • Using local SMTP



      <smtp deliveryMethod="PickupDirectoryFromIis">

      <network host="localhost" port="25" defaultCredentials="true" />




    • Forwarding to external SMTP in same network (intranet)

    After <configuration> and before <system.webServer> add appSettings:


    <add key="smtpServer" value=" SERVERName" />

    <!--<add key="EnableSsl" value = "true"/>

    <add key="smtpPort" value="587" />-->

    <!--<add key="smtpUser" value="" />

    <add key="smtpPass" value="mypasswordgoeshere" />

    <add key="adminEmail" value="" />-->


    If server in LAN

    Towards the end of the file and before </configuration> add:



    <smtp deliveryMethod="Network">

    <specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation="C:\inetpub\mailroot\Pickup" />




  6. Set SMTP services to "Automatic" and start service if needed:

  7. Set up email configuration (Email settings set on ORMS/Tools/vConfiguration/index.htm):



Email generated on server using SMTP


Email generated on client email application

project smtp

Email generated on server using SMTP and ProjectEMailAddress

notify smtp

No email generated in workflow. Use Notify button if available.

notify local

No email generated in workflow. Use Notify button if available.


Forwarding email address for projects using SMTP (only needed when client mail server is not available to forward their emails)
1) Expire Reminders FROM.
2) Submittal Reminders FROM.
3) User Activity FROM (if missing
4) TOP Package email FROM.



Support group email address.
1) User Reminders FROM.
2) User Password Reset  FROM (if missing
3) Cert server side email FROM.

To configure the email follow these steps:

  1. Go to Configuration Manager and set EmailOnServer:

  2. Test on a manager like Punchlist manager and create an empty PL and click on Send Punchlist: