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  1. Can WIX handle multiple sites?

    No, as of now WIX supports only single site creation and hosting.

  2. How do I handle multiple sites?

    For multiple sites in a single Web Server, user needs to manually copy the installed Website folder and paste it into different location and host the website from the new location. Also, user needs to add the site URL and Site name into the host file manually under the location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

  3. Can WIX handle multiple DB installation?

    No, as of now WIX supports only single DB creation

  4. How do I create multiple DB installations?

    To create multiple DBs

    • You must manually take the back up and restore the DB created by WIX.

    • During the restoration process, assign a unique name to the DB and proceed with the same name for the following DB saving options.

  5. How do I access Smart completions from mobile platform?

    The Web Server IP address must be added to the Customer’s Network Domain to have the mobile Apps working with the Application.

  6. How do I upgrade to the latest product version through WIX set up?

    For Upgrading old sites, user needs to create a different folder in the system. While installing ensure that you enter the same Site Name, URL and all the DB details as the previous installed version.