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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Release Notes (5.3.17)

Intergraph Smart Completions
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In this release:

  • You can now view the third party documents available in the third party document management system both online and offline. The third party documents can now be accessed from all managers available in the mobile application. (3648473, 3648519)

  • You can now view the predecessor tasks in the list view of planned tasks when you click on a task which has a predecessor task associated with it. For more information, see Tasks. (3231480)

  • You can now view the pending predecessors and their behavior while working offline as well. For more information, see Sync to download the objects to your device section in Using Sync Manager. (3642512)

  • When accessing a PDF file from the task manager, you can now view any one of the three smart forms, depending on the task status. Three smart forms are digitally executed or paper based executed form, planned form or the data sheet. For more information, see execution table in Tasks. (3521313)

  • You can now navigate to documents or punchlists directly from task module. For more information, see Tasks. (3616100)