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Smart API Manager Web Client

  • After upgrade to a version of Smart API Manager newer than version 2020 (4.0), the first time you login in to Smart API Manager you might have a problem. For example, Smart API Manager may fail to run with a 404 error or an invalid client error. To work around this problem, please clear your browser cache or use incognito mode. (To learn how to do that, see the help for your browser.) You only have to do this once. This problem is caused by the way that older versions of Smart API Manager handled browser caching.

Smart API Manager Documentation

  • When using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the first time you press F1 you will see Chrome help instead of Smart API Manager help. To work around this problem, please go to another page (click any icon on the left panel) and press F1 again. Now, when you press F1 on the original page or any other, you will go to the help topic for that page. You will have to repeat this each time you log in to help and want to use F1. This problem is caused by functionality of the Chromium open-source browser project on which both Chrome and Edge are based.

Smart API Manager Configuration Tool

  • Rarely, the Configuration Tool fails to start with the following message: An error occurred: The specified value is not a valid password. The password must be between 8 to 50 characters long and contain at least one upper case character, one lower case character, one number, and one of the following special characters: &!@#$%*=.”. This can occur anytime the Configuration Tool is started, automatically following installation or manually later. To work around this problem, restart the tool so that a new, valid password is generated. This problem occurs because the tool automatically generates a random password, which is used to authorize the Management API service, that does not meet the password complexity rules, as defined in the error message.