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The TrenchComposition worksheet in the Trench_General_Composition.xls workbook defines the material types and grades used by different parts of the trench cross-section. This worksheet defines the TrenchCompositionClass.

Head Section

Defines properties for individual sections of a trench type. Each section is defined as a contour in the symbol file.


The name of the trench contour as the contour appears in the Catalog task. The name must be unique.


The name of the trench, as defined within a trench type worksheet. For more information, see Trench Type Worksheets.


The name of the contour in the symbol file, such as LeftWall, RightWall, or Footing.


The contour type. Type 1 for trench wall, 2 for trench slab, 3 for trench footing, or 4 for trench other. 4 is only used to construct a single lump cross-section.


The vertical thickness projection of the trench slab or footing contour with respect to the slope of the path.


The material used for the GroupName, as defined in the AllCommon.xls workbook. Each contour can use a different material. For more information, see Common Workbook.


The material grade used for the GroupName, as defined in the AllCommon.xls workbook. Each contour can use a different material grade. For more information, see Common Workbook.


A description of the trench material composition.

  • Each trench type has one cross-section PartClass with a set of GroupName values for the contours of the symbol file.

  • You can associate different materials to the trench wall, footing, and slab components. Follow the steps listed below:

    1. First, create a separate contour for each component.

    2. Next, provide a group name for each contour.

    3. Label each edge of the contour as shown below:

      Label the contours as shown.

      1 - Top
      2 - Bottom
      3 - Web_Left
      4 - Web_Right

    4. Then, merge all groups into a single group under the Simple Physical representation of the symbol.

    5. Finally, use the GroupType settings to associate each group to a group type: Leftwall, Rightwall, Footing, or Slab.

      For more information about symbol naming conventions and symbol representations, see Symbol 2D User's Guide.