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The Trench_CrossSections.xls workbook defines standard trench and ditch cross-sections used by the Civil task. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\CatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\ folder and is bulkloaded into the catalog.

The workbook is delivered with a worksheet for each type of cross-section. Each worksheet defines a cross-section class, the corresponding 2D symbol file, and default parameters in the catalog.

Your reference data administrator can modify or add parameters to the delivered cross-sections. You can also add new cross-sections by creating new part classes on new worksheets and by creating new symbols.

Definition Section

Defines attributes that apply to the entire cross section type.


Class type CrossSectionClass as defined on the PartClassTypes sheet of the AllCodeLists.xls file. Do not modify this property.


2D symbol file associated with the cross-section type. 2D symbol files are delivered to the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent folder. For more information, see Civil Symbols.


Specifies a graphic file for the part class. You can view this graphic in the Catalog task or on the Properties dialog box in the Civil task in the software.


Cross section type defined internally by the software and displayed in the Catalog task browser in the software.


Standards organization or shape library for the cross section type, as defined on the ReferenceStandard worksheet.

oa:[parameter name]

Occurrence attribute that places the named catalog attribute on the Trench Run Properties dialog box in the Civil task. Each parameter also appears in the Head section and corresponding to a parameter in the 2D symbol file defined by SymbolDefinition.

You must map symbol parameters to the following interface and attribute names:

Interface name

Attribute name




  • Depth

  • Width

The format in the Definition Section is OA:InterfaceName:AttributeName. The attribute must also appear as a cross-section property in the Head Section, as shown below.

Head Section

Defines properties for individual cross-section sizes.


Name of the trench or ditch cross-section size as it appears in the Catalog task. The name must be unique.


The short name for the cross-section.


The Electronic Data Interchange name for the cross-section. This property is currently not used by the software.

[cross-section properties]

Properties that defines the cross-section of the trench. These properties are in the format InterfaceName:AttributeName, as defined on the CustomInterfaces sheet of the workbook.

When defined as an occurrence attribute in the definition section, the cross-section properties defined in the corresponding trench cross-section symbol appear on the Trench Run Properties dialog box in the Civil task.