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Integrating EcoSys API with BizTalk Tutorial

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This workflow demonstrates how to connect different receive and send ports so that output from a file receive port can be fed to the send port on the web service port. The workflow also shows how to configure the the web service port so that the output can be redirected to file send port. The diagram below shows the flow of data:

  1. In the Send Port Properties dialog box for for the WCFSendPort port, select Filter.

  2. In the Property column, select BTS.ReceivePortName, and then select == in the Operator box.

  3. In the Value column, specify the port name from File Read port.

  4. Configure the File Send Port for the File write to Filter from the web service port.

  5. Click Apply, and then click OK.

    The example shows how the screen should look after you have finished the configuration is done. The Filter column for both the send ports should be filled.