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Integrating EcoSys API with BizTalk Tutorial

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  1. Click Deployment, and provide Application Name for BizTalk group DynamicSOAPAPI. This the name BizTalk administration uses to display the application.

  2. Click the Signing tab, and provide the key file for the signing application. Click New,and provide the file name if you want to create a new file. You need to Strong Name sign the application. Otherwise, otherwise it will not deploy.

  3. From the Build menu, click Build Solution, and then click Deploy Solution. Make sure you have the folders specified in the bindings for FileReadPort and FileWritePort created in the file system. Otherwise, the deployment will fail. If the deployment is successful, we will move on to the BizTalk server administration console to configure the application we just built.

  4. Right-click the Applications node, and then click Refresh.

    The application will be visible if it was not visible earlier.