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HxGN Smart Completions Installation Guide

Intergraph Smart Completions
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Completions Version
  1. If you are installing Smart Completions with WIX for the first time, See Install Smart Completions

  2. If you are already an existing Smart Completions user using WIX set up and upgrading with latest WIX set up, See Upgrading from existing SC- WIX set up to latest WIX Version

  3. If you want to upgrade your existing Smart Completions website with WIX setup, See (see Upgrading from SC web version to WIX version)Upgrading from SC web version to WIX version

  4. If you are using Smart Completions with WIX update 7 and later, See WIX installation for Frequent Upgrades (see )

Please take back up of all your existing files, before initiating the uninstall process. For back up, See Back up the SC Database