Upgrading from existing SC- WIX set up to latest WIX Version - Intergraph Smart Completions - Installation & Upgrade

HxGN Smart Completions Installation Guide

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Intergraph Smart Completions
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Completions Version

This process is applicable to you if you have already installed Smart Completions previously with WIX setup.

Ensure that you have already taken back up of all the Config files.

Web.config, saml.config - SC_Installed_Folder>Config - "SC_Installed_Folder>bin"

config - "SC_Installed_Folder> bin"

config.json - SC_Installed_Folder> API> bin

  1. Uninstall existing WIX

  2. Install the latest WIX- Install Smart Completions

  3. Copy the saved Config files to the latest installed folder