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In this release, we focused on:

  • Common: Improved the model filters for consistent experience working with model files across Smart Build Insight. Improved measuring experience that facilitates instant visual feedback.

  • Cost Management: Enhanced Details panel enables you to get better insights of cost data. You can now see associated schedule items along with resources, attachments and properties. Improved cost grid for better user experience.

  • Digital Reality: Multivista integration enables you to get more accurate schedule updates by visualizing project progress in 4D color-coded model by monitoring and comparing the photos, remotely walk through your job site, get faster and accurate payment application reviews, efficiently collaborate and communicate by sharing real time visuals of construction progress, and resolve issues and RFIs faster.

    Digital Layout feature is being discontinued and will no longer be supported from version 4.0 U10 onwards.

  • Issue Management: Enhanced Overview details now show the work packages attached to an issue in the same order as in WBS hierarchy.

  • Model Management: Improved Date filter prevents you from selecting wrong date, and therefore avoid unnecessary errors. New info icon on the folder shows status of model files.

  • Schedule Management: Improved visual distinction between different levels in a WBS hierarchy provides legibility. Ability to retrieve milestones from an external planning system.

  • Smart Mapping: Improved overall filtering capabilities. New custom CDW% filter enables you to efficiently filter cost items. You can also filter the items depending on whether they are mapped or unmapped. Introduced new icons for model, cost, and schedule item mapping suggestions for easy identification.

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