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  • In the Notifications panel, you can now confirm whether you want to clear all the notifications or not, and avoid accidentally clearing all notifications. (CR-OT-18734)

  • In Edit Project Details page, you can now choose the project phase to automatically distribute the weightages across the mapped schedule items irrespective of the allocation method. You need necessary permissions to choose the project phase. (RI-OT-17844)

    • When you select Planning for Project Phase, the weightages of previously mapped work packages are overwritten, and when you remap new schedule items in 5D Management, the CDW% is equally distributed among all the mapped schedule items.

    • When you select Production in the Project Phase, the weightages of previously mapped work packages are not overwritten, and when you remap, only the remaining CDW% is equally distributed across the newly mapped schedule items.

  • We've made a few enhancements to the Dashboard > Project Cost tile.

    • We've renamed Approved Change Order to Approved Budget Change and Pending Change Order to Pending Budget Change. You can hover over the new titles to know about their descriptions. (CR-OT-20867; CR-OT-20868)

  • We've updated the publish success notifications when you publish the CS codes to EcoSys. They are more clear now. (CR-OT-20871)

  • We've introduced tabbed panels to improve the accessibility of information. You can now open and view all the details panels. As you open details panels of different items, the panels dock on the right-side bar. You can switch between the tabs to access the required item details. If you open the details panel of similar items, the respective panel will refresh and display details of the latest item you selected, instead of adding another tab. (CR-OT-20345)


  • In the Administration Settings > Reference Data feature, you can now create a duplicate of the default dataset and also rename it, if necessary. (CR-OT-20230)

  • We've improved the user permissions for Issue Management. You can now view and work on issues more effectively with the appropriate data, based on your role and permissions. For more information, see User roles and permissions. (CR-OT-17834; CR-OT-20123)

Cost Management

  • We've added time stamp on the cost grid. You can now check whether you are working with the latest cost data. Due to this change, we repositioned the existing commands such as Currency, Collapse, Clear All Filters, Auto Size Columns, and Column Configure to the left corner. (CR-OT-19725)

  • We've also made several enhancements to improve the usability and readability. (CR-OT-20238)

    • If the child cost items have the same UOMs, then the quantities and the UOMs are rolled up to the parent cost item.

    • If the child cost items have the different UOMs, then the Quantity and the UOM boxes of the parent cost item are left blank.

    • If a child cost item's Quantity and UOM boxes are blank, then the Quantity and the UOM boxes of the parent cost item are left blank, even when the UOMs are same for all the child cost items.

  • In the cost grid, we've added two new Planned Start Date and Planned End Date columns. They represent the earliest planned start date and latest planned finish date of the linked work package, respectively. (CR-OT-20414)

  • Using the InfoMap, you can now visualize and gain insights on how each item such as model element, cost item, and schedule item are linked to each other. For more information see, View cost item relationships with other items (CR-OT-17758; CR-OT-20033; CR-OT-20043; CR-OT-20066; CR-OT-20067; CR-OT-20084; CR-OT-20274; CR-OT-20345)