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  • TR-OT-17828 Collapse is not working as expected upon search in model filters Types and WBS tabs.

  • TR-OT-17874 The expanding arrow is displayed incorrectly when searching for the items in the Project Name list using the search bar.

  • TR-OT-18916 Issues in Production Planning timeline when the WBS toggle is turned on/off or when the Overview menu is expanded or collapsed.

  • TR-OT-19904 Cannot enter text up to limit in Description text box while creating an issue due to more paragraph breaks. A workaround is to format the text so that it allows paragraph breaks in the Description box or other text boxes.

  • TR-OT-19942 Error while viewing a file with special characters '#' or '&' in its name.

  • TR-OT-20228 Able to save the schedule items or calendars if an extra space is added either at the beginning or end of the text in Name, ID and Description fields.

  • TR-OT-20245 Weightage box retains red border even after canceling the weightage update operation.

  • TR-OT-20250 Deleting multiple projects with large data at a time is blocking another user from accessing Smart Build until all the requests are processed. A workaround is to wait for some time after each deletion.