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  • We've added cursor indicators to guide you while placing layout points in the 3D model. (CR-OT-9483)

  • You now need to install only one Smart Build Revit plug-in for Autodesk Revit versions 2020, 2021 and 2022. (DI-OT-19597)


We've made the following enhancements in In Administration Settings > Reference Data feature.

  • You can now create a duplicate global dataset and then modify it as necessary, instead of creating a new dataset from scratch. (CR-OT-18766)

  • You can also rename a Discipline, Type, and Subtype at both Global and Project levels. (CR-OT-18774)

Cost Management

  • In the Cost grid, if you did not apply any filters, the Filtered Cost and Filtered Labor Hours widgets will now display same values as in Total Cost and Total Labor Hours widgets. Earlier, Filtered Cost and Filtered Labor Hours widgets displayed zero if no cost filters were applied. (CR-OT-16059)

  • You can now adjust the Details panel width. This enables better visualization of the cost data. (CR-OT-19016)

  • The cost grid now also shows rolled-up cost percentages and dates for the parent cost items. (CR-OT-19644)

  • In the Properties panel of the cost item, we've renamed the section headers custom_properties_1 as Custom Properties, and structure _properties_1 as Classification Structure Properties for consistency. (DI-OT-13178)

  • We have also made a few enhancements to improve the readability and usability. (CR-OT-19883)

    • When you turn on the model view, you can now adjust the panel width enabling better user experience when viewing the data and model at the same time.

    • The Cost Performance Index or the Schedule Performance Index titles are repositioned in close proximity to the commands.

    • When you are viewing both model and cost at the same time, the cost grid can only accommodate a few columns due to limited space. If you are viewing Budget, you can see only Description, Name, SPI, CPI, and Cost columns, whereas for Estimate, you can see Description, Name, and Cost columns. However, you can customize what you want to see using Column Configure . You can also use the new Auto Size Columns option to automatically adjust the column widths for better readability.

    • When you apply a cost filter, the application now displays a loading icon indicating that a filter is being applied.

  • After integrating Smart Build Insight with Smart Build Controls, if the Quantity for equipment resource type items in Smart Build Controls is empty or zero, then the number of Hours are considered and displayed in Smart Build Insight > Cost Management > Quantity column. By default, the Quantity columns in Smart Build Insight and Smart Build Controls are mapped first. (CR-OT-19558)


  • In Bill of Quantities, you can now adjust the column width for better readability. (CR-OT-19016)

Issue Management

  • You can now create a draft with minimum information to quickly capture details on the field and later convert it to an issue or RFI. (CR-OT-11333; CR-OT-15903; CR-OT-15904; CR-OT-15934)

  • In the Attachments section, we've added a new Snapshot option to capture the screenshot of the 3D model and attach it to an issue. (CR-OT-15956)

Schedule Management

  • You can also create a duplicate work step under the same work package, and then modify it as necessary instead of creating a new work step from scratch. (CR-OT-16274)

  • We've made the following enhancements in Compare Schedule:

    • The work package statuses assigned to you might change from read to modified depending on the changes in the newly approved schedule. (CR-OT-18637)

    • We've added a new Include Work Steps toggle at the top-right corner. Turn it on to compare the schedule along with work steps. (CR-OT-19549)