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Before connecting with Smart Build to integrate with your application, you can always access the service description of the each API endpoint exposed by Smart Build.

The service description for Smart Build APIs includes information focusing on the following aspects.

  • Resource, URL which is used to access the resource identified by the Smart Build API endpoint. You can explore and learn about Smart Build resources, types, their relationships, and attributes in the $metadata document.

    SHARED Tip You can locate the metadata document by using the following URL path: <BASE_URL>/$metadata

  • Query Options are passed along with the resource URL to apply transformations that control the data returned by Smart Build. These query parameters are governed by OData standards that include options, such as select, sortby, orderby, filterby, expand. To know more on query parameters supported by a typical Smart Build API, refer to the URL Query Options section.

  • Service Response for a Smart Build API endpoint lists the expected responses along with with various response codes that helps to identify the result of the request sent. The response payload also helps to understand the layout and the parameters returned by a specific Smart Build API endpoint.

  • Models that helps to understand the service components, such as the class objects defining data type of entities or parameters; including the structure. Briefly, the models display the participants interacting with the APIs as well as the API methods grouped into common resources.

To learn more on Smart Build API endpoints, refer to the Smart API Explorer for reference documentation, available here on your Smart Build tenant host: <BASE_URL>/doc/explorer

You must pass the token as the Authorization header to access the metadata, annotations, and all API endpoints except /doc/explorer.