Configure Smart API Manager (SAM) - HxGN SDx - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

HxGN SDx Field Execution Installation

Installation & Upgrade
  1. Create two Smart Clients in the Smart API Manager (SAM). For information on how to create a new Smart Client, see Register a new Smart Client.

    • Create one with the Authorization Flow set to Authorization Code, and add[tenantID]/v1/callback/ in the Redirect URIs section, see Specify a web page for redirection after a user logs on or off.

    • Create the other with the Authorization Flow set to Resource Owner.

    • Copy the Client ID and secret for both Smart Clients. Provide this information to Hexagon PPM Support for use during the Configure the server step.

  2. Create SAM users with the same Username as the users in the SDx site. For more information, see Register a new user.

    The passwords specified will be used to login to SDx Field Execution.

  3. Add the users to the System Administrators group and/or any other SAM group that has access to your Smart API in SAM. For more information, see Add a user to a group.

  4. In the Token Settings, set Allow Refresh Tokens to Enabled . For more information, see Token settings.