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As a TruView Enterprise or Cloud administrator, you can assign different roles to users where each role has a different set of access privileges. This can be done in the Client Application definition window in the Manage Client Apps module of the TruView Enterprise or Cloud web portal. The different types of TruView Enterprise or Cloud roles to which the users can be assigned are:

  • User Role - There are two different type of users:

    • Login User - Can view all uploaded TruView sites with valid login credentials.

    • Anonymous User - Can view only public sites.

  • PowerUser Role - Power users have all the user access privileges, and can upload TVG files to the TruView Enterprise or TruView Cloud server using the API.

  • Admin Role - A TruView Enterprise or Cloud server administrator, who can:

    • Manage portals

    • Manage users

    • Upload new sites

    • Customize the site

    • Backup and restore data

    • Check the logs

    • Set email notifications

    • Perform updates

    • Manage client apps

    • Set up licensing

For more information on how to manage the users, see Managing Users in the TruView Enterprise Installation and Deployment Guide available in PDF format which is delivered with the TruView product.