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HxGN SDx Connector for TruView Installation

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

Before you configure Leica TruView Enterprise to work along with SDx Connector for TruView, we recommend you to ensure the following:

  • Set up Leica TruView Enterprise server on any system which will act as a host. Leica Geosystems provides a TruView Enterprise server installer for different platforms, which must be installed on the host system. After installation, the host system acts as a TruView Enterprise application server.

  • Configure the TruView Enterprise server to communicate over HTTPS with the HxGN SDx server, provided the SDx server's communication is over HTTPS for all requests and responses. In such scenario, all the references in the settings need to be HTTPS URLs. If they are not, a mixed-content error will be generated in the browser. For more information, see Setting up HTTPS Connection for TruView Enterprise for Windows in the TruView Enterprise for Windows Installation Guide.

For detailed information on Leica TruView Enterprise installation and setup, please refer to the TruView Enterprise for Windows Installation Guide.