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When you perform a search, HxGN P&ID LiveView displays the results in a table. Select the item to see its property information and any related drawings, relationships, and representations. You can use Search/Sort to customize your view to display specific data.


Displays property information for the selected item. From the search results list or the PROPERTIES tab, you can:

  • Get Related Drawings to see information on a drawing associated to the selected item.

  • Apply Display Sets to assign a P&ID display set to a drawing that specifies the assignment of objects to layers and colors.

  • Display PDF to see the P&ID drawing in a PDF viewer.

  • Display P&ID to view the P&ID drawing in its native format. From the graphics view, you can also select items and see their properties. Select an OPC (Off-Page Connector), which indicates the continuation of a line segment, to display the associated or connected drawing.

    If an icon is not active, there are no drawings available.


Displays a list of item types related to the selected item such as instruments or piping components related to a piping run.


Shows the files related to the selected item. Select the file to open the drawing in the graphics viewer.

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