Configure the Xalt Connector Gateway Server - HxGN LiveView - Administration & Configuration

HxGN LiveView Administrator Help

HxGN LiveView
Administration & Configuration
  1. Install the software API services. See the Help corresponding to your installed component application.

  2. Set up network accessibility on the Xalt Connector Gateway through its firewall. See the Xalt Mobility Getting Started Guide.

  3. Hexagon Support installs the Connector Gateway software on the Xalt Connector Gateway server. The appropriate services must be started to enable the tenant to communicate with the API server.

  4. Hexagon Support configures metadata for HxGN LiveView in the tenant assigned to your company. This allows the Xalt mobile or web browser application to send requests to the Web API server of the appropriate Hexagon PPM application such as Intergraph SmartĀ® Instrumentation, Intergraph SmartĀ® Electrical, and SmartPlant P&ID.